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Top Tooth Brushing Games for Kids

Tooth Brushing Games for KidsA new tooth brushing game, called Brush Up, has gained some traction among parents who are trying to teach their children proper tooth brushing habits. Joyce Flores of Old Dominion University conducted a study on the efficacy of the game and found that it’s really quite successful at teaching kids good dental habits.

How Kids Brush Their Teeth

According to Dentistry IQ, children were scored on nine brushing evaluation metrics, in which 1.0 represented perfect brushing, and 0.10 was the baseline. The control group, or the group of children that didn’t play the Brush Up game, scored an average of 0.15. After playing the game for seven days, the kids scored 0.51 and after two weeks, they scored 0.81!

Tooth Brushing Games that WORK

Tooth brushing games are a great way to engage kids in brushing frequently and properly. Below, we’ve listed out some of our favorites!

  • Brush Up – The Brush Up game uses interactive videos and a special BlueToothbrush to teach kids proper brushing technique while providing real time feedback. Learn more about the Brush Up Game.
  • Timer Toothbrush – Get your child a toothbrush that plays music or lights up for two minutes. A timer toothbrush makes it fun to brush for the recommended two full minutes!
  • Play Pretend – Pretend that you’re fighting the sugar monsters living in your mouth! Don’t let them attack your teeth! Using a little bit of imagination can go a long ways to make even the most mundane tasks enjoyable!
  • Make it a Competition – Competition is always a great motivator. If you have multiple children, set up a tooth brushing competition between siblings. The kid who brushes the most thoroughly is the winner!
  • Use a Pre-Brush Oral Rinse – Pre-brush rinses for kids contain coloring that highlights the plaque on teeth, making tooth brushing a fun task. Encourage your kids to remove all of the coloring from their teeth in two minutes!

See, brushing teeth doesn’t have to be boring for kids! How do you encourage your kids to have fun while brushing their teeth? We’d love to hear your brilliant ideas in the comments below!

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