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Expert Dental Advice: Dental Tips for Special Needs Children

If you’re the parent of a special needs child, it’s important that you pay particular attention to their dental health care. Special needs children are those with chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions. Special needs kids are at higher risk of dental health problems such as cavities, enamel irregularities, gum and oral infections, delayed… Continue Reading >

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Your Guide to Dental Care for Pregnant Women

Dental care for pregnant women is a serious topic if you’re a mom-to-be! If you are expecting a baby, you have much to think about and prepare for. Doctor visits, delivery options, nursery planning, and resting can take up most of your time during pregnancy. However, it’s very important that you make your dental health… Continue Reading >

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Do I Really Need to Floss?

We’ve all had our dentist tell us about the importance of flossing every day. Part of us knows we should be flossing every day, and after every dental appointment, we tell ourselves that from now on, we will! But there’s also a part of us that wonders – is flossing really necessary? Do I really… Continue Reading >

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Your Dental Health: Guide for Patients in Parma Heights, Ohio

Most of us know how important good dental health is, but many of us have questions, such as: What exactly does it mean to be in “good dental health?” What does a healthy mouth look like? What steps can I take to keep my teeth and gums healthy and looking great? What Is a Healthy Mouth?… Continue Reading >

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