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Let's Look at a Healthy Mouth

A healthy mouth meets the following criteria:

  • 28-32 teeth
  • No signs of decay
  • No signs of gingival (gum tissue) inflammation
  • No signs of bone loss around the teeth
  • No loose teeth
  • No infected teeth
  • No worn teeth
  • No broken or cracked teeth
  • No signs of parafunctional (grinding or sleep apnea) habits
  • No muscle pain during chewing
  • No limitations on jaw movements
  • No TMD

Let’s Look at a Healthy Smile:

A healthy smile meets the following criteria:

  • The incisal edges of the upper six front teeth follow the curve of the lower lip
  • The midline is perpendicular to the horizon
  • There is no “cant” to the teeth in the smile
  • The smile is properly framed by the lips and gum tissues
  • There is an overall absence of disease

We Treat

  • Dental caries: a bacterial infection that decalcifies and decays teeth
  • Periodontal disease: bacterial infection of the gingival (gum) tissues and alveolar (jaw) bones
  • Cracked, broken, and worn teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • TM Joint disorders
  • Mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea