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Your Guide to Dental Insurance Myths

More employers now offer dental coverage with their health care packages than ever before, but figuring out just what dental insurance does and does not cover can be confusing. There are several dental insurance myths out there about dental coverage and weeding out fact from fiction is an important step to take before you make your next dental appointment. Don’t be discouraged, because Dr. Wolnik in Parma Heights, Ohio, is here to help!

Myth 1: Dental Insurance is the same as Health Insurance.

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Since most health care packages cover the majority of your medical costs, it is easy to assume that your dental package will, too. However, that is not the case. Dental plans only cover a percentage of each individual dental procedure you have, and there is a yearly cap on how much they will cover total. In that way, dental insurance is more like a coupon or a discount plan than it is a comprehensive insurance package. Dental insurance myth busted!

Myth 2: Dental Insurance Policies Always Cover 80% of All Procedures.

dental insurance mythsIn the 1970’s and into the early 1980’s, this was the case. At that point in time, most insurance companies also provided $1,000-$1,500 a year in dental coverage, and most employers covered the entirety of their employees’ premiums. However, that is no longer the case. Even though most policies do still cover the same $1,000-$1,500 a year in dental work, the cost of most procedures has gone up drastically. As a general rule, employers also no longer pay for premiums, and these combined facts have reduced coverage percentages significantly. Dental insurance myth busted!

Myth 3: Dentists and their Staff Members are Responsible for Keeping Track of Benefits.

dentist speaks with dental patientWhile it is true that your dentist and his or her employees can find out the basics of your dental insurance coverage by calling your insurance company, the actual contract exists solely between you, your employer, and your insurance provider. Dental office employees have no input as to what will and will not be covered, nor do they have the ability to increase your benefits or change the way your insurance provider pays percentages.

For a detailed explanation on what your particular dental plan does and does not cover, please contact your insurance provider or your employer’s Human Resource department. However, our office is committed to doing all we can to help you maximize your dental benefits, and answer whatever dental insurance related questions you may have. Dental insurance myth busted!

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