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Category Archives: Dental Services

Cosmetic Tooth Repair: Top 4 Options

Let’s face it; no one has a perfect smile and if they do, then chances are good that they have had cosmetic tooth repair to correct their dental imperfections. Imperfections in your smile can be embarrassing, painful, and just pain awkward and can range from minor unevenness or discoloration to significant misalignment. Dr. Wolnik has extensive experience… Continue Reading >

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What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?

We are asked a lot, “What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?” If you’re a soda drinker, you’ve probably been hearing from your dentist for years about how bad it is for your teeth. But did you also know soda is bad for your overall health as well? Dr. Wolnik has the facts about the… Continue Reading >

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Top Teeth Whitening Options in Parma Heights, Ohio

Teeth Whitening Options You smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Is it as white and bright as you want it to be? Whether you are unhappy with the color of your teeth or would like to explore your teeth whitening options, this article will help you determine if a teeth… Continue Reading >

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Dr. Wolnik is Your CEREC Dentist in Ohio

CEREC technology is one of the most innovative and exciting dental procedures currently available. As a dentist who strives to provide his patients with the best available dental care, Dr. Wolnik utilizes the latest technologies in all aspects of his dental practice. With this in mind, Dr. Wolnik is proud to be your CEREC dentist in Ohio. What… Continue Reading >

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Dental Tools 101: What does a Dentist Use?

What Does a Dentist Use? When you visit Dr. Wolnik for your regular dental cleanings and check-ups, you might have noticed that he uses a wide variety of tools to clean your teeth, but what exactly are those contraptions? We’ve got a quick guide to each of the standard dental tools that Dr. Wolnik might utilize during… Continue Reading >

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Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA): The Latest in Pain Management

One of the biggest issues dentists have to overcome with patients is their fear of the pain associated with the anesthesia shots given before dental procedures. Nobody likes pain, of course, but unfortunately this fear can keep many people from visiting the dentist, even when they are experiencing tooth pain or other oral health issues…. Continue Reading >

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Fixing Cavities: Simple Filling or Dental Surgery?

When you think of getting a cavity filled, odds are good that you consider it a fairly easy, simple procedure. You just go in and the dentist slaps a bit of amalgam on your tooth, and that’s it, right? Wrong! It is a common misconception that filling a cavity is easy as filling a pothole… Continue Reading >

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TMJ Relief: End the Suffering

Do you experience aggravating TMJ pain on a regular basis? Do you find it hard to get relief from your TMJ pain? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have some great information and helpful tips that can bring an end to your suffering and offer TMJ relief. Causes of TMJ One of the main causes of… Continue Reading >

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Your Dental Health: Guide for Patients in Parma Heights, Ohio

Most of us know how important good dental health is, but many of us have questions, such as: What exactly does it mean to be in “good dental health?” What does a healthy mouth look like? What steps can I take to keep my teeth and gums healthy and looking great? What Is a Healthy Mouth?… Continue Reading >

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