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What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?

soda can have up to 10 tablespoons of sugarWe are asked a lot, “What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?” If you’re a soda drinker, you’ve probably been hearing from your dentist for years about how bad it is for your teeth. But did you also know soda is bad for your overall health as well? Dr. Wolnik has the facts about the dangers of soda as well as tips to help you kick your soda habit.

What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?

In the United States, soda is practically everywhere you look. It’s in stores, restaurants, advertisements, even some schools. This availability makes it easy for people to become hooked on the sweet bubbly taste, but the temporary enjoyment is not worth the long-term risks to your body.

Wondering what does soda do to your teeth? One single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar and high quantities of phosphoric acid, both of which can cause of host of physical issues, including:

  • Insulin fluctuations that can lead to diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Calcium malabsorption, which can lead to osteoporosis
  • Issues with increased stomach acid levels and GERD
  • Tooth decay

Of course, knowing why something is bad for you isn’t always enough to help you quit the habit. To quit any bad habit, it takes patience, commitment, and a plan. Dr. Wolnik has great advice for helping you quit drinking soda in a way that is easy to adjust to.

Kicking the Habit

If you’ve been a long-time regular soda drinker, quitting cold turkey isn’t going to be the best way to kick your soda habit. Having a plan in place beforehand will help to ensure that your changes really stick.

  • Make a Commitment – Change comes easier when you make a full commitment to it beforehand. Write out your list of reasons for wanting to kick your soda habit or create a pros and cons chart that you can easily refer back to when you feel tempted.
  • Set Your Goals – Take baby steps. Start by tracking the exact amount of soda you drink in a week, and see where you can cut down slowly. If you have four sodas each day, try cutting one of them out for a week and then cutting another out the next week and so on.
  • Find a Substitute – If you experiment with alternatives that are pleasing to your palette, it will be easier to cut drinking soda from your routine. Try different iced coffees or teas, unsweetened carbonated waters, or even plain water infused with cut up pieces of fruit and see which works best for you.

Although it might be difficult at first, with a good plan in place, you’ll be able to kick your soda habit in no time. When you find yourself struggling with your changes, remember that your teeth and your body (and your dentist!) will thank you in the long run.

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