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What to Expect at a Dental Cleaning

Woman Getting a Dental Cleaning | Kenneth J. Wolnik, DDSIf you have anxiety about seeing the dentist, you’re not alone. In fact, approximately 75% of American report having some level of fear of going to the dentist. There are many ways to ease your fear of dentists, and one of the best ways to overcome your anxiety is to communicate with your hygienist during the appointment. To give you a head start, we’ve outlined what to expect at a dental cleaning.

  • Cleaning – During the cleaning section of your dental checkup, the hygienist will use various dental tools to remove the tartar, or hard calculus that has built up along, and just below your gum line. At Dr. Wolnik’s office, we take great care to make this a pain-free experience, however during your dental cleaning, you may feel slight discomfort. During your cleaning, the hygienist will also be on the lookout for soft spots in your tooth enamel, which indicate the start of a cavity.
  • Polishing – After the tartar is completely removed from your teeth, the hygienist will polish your teeth with an abrasive toothpaste substance and an electric polishing tool. The purpose of polishing is to remove stains and give your teeth an extra sparkle.
  • X-Rays – Sometimes, the hygienist will take x-rays of your teeth. This is a quick and painless process that involves biting on a bite-wing and getting several images taken of your mouth. An x-ray helps Dr. Wolnik monitor the overall health of your teeth and jawbone.
  • Education – During your dental cleaning, the hygienist will also talk to you about your dental care habits and areas of improvement.
  • Dentist Consultation – At the end of your appointment, Dr. Wolnik will check in on you to examine your x-rays and double check for any oral health problems that the hygienist may have missed. If he does discover a cavity, or other dental issue, he will explain the situation to you and recommend a course of action. In most cases, this will include setting up an additional appointment to correct the problem and restore your mouth to optimum health.

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