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Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

CEREC Digital Dental Impressions

Impressions the Old Way: Goopy Trays

Just the thought of getting a dental impression makes many people cringe. Biting into a tray of goop can certainly be an unpleasant experience! If you’re getting restoration work done with Dr. Wolnik in Parma Heights, Ohio, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a messy, traditional dental impression, because he offers digital dental impressions!

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Impressions the New Way: Digital Dental Impressions

Instead of a messy tray filled with paste that you put in your mouth, Dr. Wolnik uses CEREC technology to take a digital impression of your teeth.


He will simply use a handheld device to take a digital image of your teeth. Since digital dental impressions are relatively new in the dental industry, we’ve put together a quick guide to help explain the benefits of going digital.

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Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

  • Highly Accurate – Traditional impressions are very tough to get perfectly accurate. Even if the impression set correctly, there’s always the chance of warping during the process. With a digital dental impression, the accuracy and precision is unbeatable. Dr. Wolnik will likely be able to get a perfect image on the first try, and if not, he can take a new image in no time at all!
  • Quick Turnaround Time – In the past, it often took multiple visits to the dentist to complete a restoration, and if the impression wasn’t perfect, it could take even longer! With digital dental impressions, Dr. Wolnik can complete your restorations in about an hour! The high accuracy also helps to improve turnaround time because it removes the need for multiple impressions.
  • More Pleasant Experience for Patients – Like we mentioned before, getting a traditional impression can be kind of gross. Digital dental impressions are so fast and simple; the process will be over before you know it!

Once Dr. Wolnik has taken the digital dental impression, he will then import the image into the computer where it will be refined with high-tech CAD/CAM software. From there, the image is sent to a milling machine that precisely cuts the restoration piece. The final step involves the application of the newly created restoration. You will leave the office with a beautiful, natural-looking smile!

About Dr. Wolnik – Your CEREC Dentist

Kenneth J. Wolnik, DDS practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Parma Heights, Ohio. An advocate for keeping up with the latest dental technologies, Dr. Wolnik is sure to make your dental experience an enjoyable one. To set up an appointment, contact Dr. Wolnik’s office today!

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