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Your Dental Health: Guide for Patients in Parma Heights, Ohio

your dental health by dr. wolnik in parma heights

Most of us know how important good dental health is, but many of us have questions, such as: What exactly does it mean to be in “good dental health?” What does a healthy mouth look like? What steps can I take to keep my teeth and gums healthy and looking great?

What Is a Healthy Mouth?

A mouth that looks and smells healthy is the best sign of good oral hygiene. A healthy mouth has teeth that are clean and free of debris, gums that are pink and do not bleed with brushing or flossing, and breath that smells fresh more often than not.

Brushing & Flossing

Brushing and flossing properly are the two most important things you can do to keep your mouth healthy, but many people do not brush and floss properly. To ensure that you maximize the benefits of your oral hygiene routine, follow these simple steps explained on the Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center (

Proper Brushing Techniques

what is gingivitis1. Tilt the brush at a 45° angle against the gumline and sweep or roll the brush away from the gumline.

2. Gently brush the outside, inside, and chewing surface of each tooth using short back-and-forth strokes.

3. Gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath.

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Proper Flossing Techniques

best floss for patients1. Use about 18″ of floss, leaving an inch or two to work with.

2. Gently follow the curves of your teeth.

3. Be sure to clean beneath the gumline, but avoid snapping the floss on the gums.

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Healthy Diet

Other important steps you can take to keep your mouth healthy include eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks between meals, and avoiding sugary foods and drinks, including candy and other sweets, soda pop, and sweetened coffee.

Be sure to always use toothpaste and other dental products that contain fluoride and give your children under the age of 12 fluorinated water or fluoride supplements.

Improve YOUR Dental Health! Parma Heights Dental Services

Dr. Wolnik and any one of our expert dental hygienists are more than happy to answer any other oral hygiene questions you may have. If you’d like more information, or have any dental concerns you wish to discuss with us, please make an appointment or contact Dr. Wolnik:


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