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Want to Start Flossing Regularly? Find the Best Floss for You

best floss for patientsLooking for the best floss for you? Want to floss more? Read on for details on the types of floss and how to find the best floss for you!

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Want to Floss More?

Let’s face it. Chances are pretty good that you don’t floss as often as you should. According to Colgate, nearly 80% of people don’t floss on a regular basis! For optimum oral health, you should floss your teeth at least once a day.

What’s the Best Floss for You?

But surely that’s not news to you! As a kid, your parents likely harped on you to build a habit of flossing. Even if your parents didn’t bug you about flossing, then your dentist definitely did, and probably still does! Here at our office in Parma Heights, we don’t tell you to floss daily because we want to add another cumbersome task to your busy day. We stress the importance of flossing because it truly is critical to your overall oral health!

We understand that beginning a habit of flossing later in life can be really difficult. But after talking to many of our patients who have successfully started a flossing regimen, we’ve found that the key to building a flossing habit is to find the best floss for you and your personality. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of products available to get you started! Here is a look at some of best floss on the market today:

 Best Floss: Traditional Floss

Today’s traditional floss isn’t just a roll of waxed string anymore. Statin floss is available, which provides a smoother glide than regular thread. Additionally, various flavors are available to make the flossing experience more enjoyable. Traditional floss is still one of the most effective ways to eliminate tartar and keep teeth healthy!

Best Floss: Floss Picks

Floss picks are convenient for people who have difficult time maneuvering traditional floss correctly. Children and people with arthritis especially benefit from the increased manual dexterity that floss picks provide. However, because of their rigidity, floss picks don’t always clean the teeth and gum lines as well as traditional floss.

Best Floss: Waterpik

A Waterpik Water Flosser uses water pressure to remove food and tartar from in-between teeth and along gum lines. Like traditional floss, the Waterpik has been proven to be successful at cleaning teeth and reducing the risk of gingivitis. A Waterpik is very easy to use and tends to be a little easier on the gums.

Sonicare AirFloss – An AirFloss system uses bursts of air and water to clean the spaces between teeth. The tip of the AirFloss is designed to make it easy place the nozzle at the correct angle for the best cleaning experience. Like the Waterpik, an AirFloss cleans teeth quickly and painlessly.

Once you’ve determined what the best floss is for you, stick with it for 21 days in a row. Science shows that this is the magic number in order to successfully build a habit!

Good luck!

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