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Best Ways to Strengthen Teeth: 3 Strong-Teeth Tips

Have you ever wanted stronger teeth? Many of our patients in Parma Heights, Ohio, sure do! We’ve put together the three best ways to strengthen teeth to help you get stronger teeth! It all starts when you’re young, so the earlier you can develop good dental habits, the stronger your teeth will be! Here are a few of my favorite tips for building strong teeth:


#1 – Eat a Healthy Diet

When your mom bugs you to finish your milk, she’s doing it because she knows it’s good for your bones and your teeth. Milk contains calcium, which helps to make your bones and teeth strong. It’s important to get plenty of calcium while you’re young, because after the age of 25, the chemical element stops strengthening bones and begins to help maintain them. Other foods that contain calcium include cheese, yogurt, nuts, beans, broccoli, and spinach.

#2 – Brush and Floss!

When you brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, like your dentist recommends, you are strengthening your teeth by removing harmful plaque. When you don’t brush the plaque away, it can eat away at the surface of your teeth, creating holes, or cavities. When your teeth have cavities, you can get the cavities filled, but they will never be as strong as they were before the cavities occurred.

#3 – Use Fluoride

Good news! You probably already get enough fluoride, and you didn’t even know it. Tap water, or water that you get from your faucet, contains fluoride. Every time you drink water, you’re building strong teeth! To get even more fluoride, you can use a special toothpaste or mouth rinse.

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