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Scared of the Dentist? Top 3 Tips to Overcome Your Fear

woman with fear of dentistAt Dr. Wolnik’s office in Parma Heights, Ohio, we know that going to the dentist can be scary. Even if you aren’t scared of the dentist, it’s totally normal to feel anxious about your upcoming appointment. In fact, 9-20% of Americans completely avoid going to the dentist because of their anxieties or fear of dentists. Don’t be this person!

If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, then we’ve got a three awesome tips that can help you have a more enjoyable experience during your appointment:

#1 – Communicate

We can’t stress this enough! We have a lot of patients who are fantastic actors – they have a lot of anxiety about their dental appointment, yet they are able to hide the visible signs from us. In this case, the patient’s anxiety builds up over the course of the appointment, making him or her unnecessarily uncomfortable. Please know that we are certainly not strangers to treating fearful patients and your anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of! If you let us know about your concerns up front, we can work with you to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We would be more than happy to walk you through each step of the dental procedure. When you’re fully aware of what we’re doing, it helps to make you feel more in control of the situation and ultimately helps to ease your fear. Additionally, it may help to establish a signal with Dr. Wolnik such as raising your hand to let him know that you need a quick break or have a question.

#2 – Breathe

This technique for relieving anxiety may seem obvious, however in a moment of fear, it can be tough to consciously remember to breathe. If you’re in the exam chair and feel your anxiety getting the best of you, simply take a few moments to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, slowly counting to three. Pause and slowly release the breath, along with you anxieties, for another count of three. Repeat this cycle for several minutes, or until you feel that you’ve regained control of your fear.

#3 – Distractions

Utilizing distractions can be a great way to make you feel more comfortable during a dental exam. Music can be very helpful in relieving anxiety, especially if the noise of dental tools is a big cause of your stress. Bring along a set of headphones to help you zone out during your appointment. It may also be helpful to let your mind wander elsewhere. Spend the appointment planning your dream vacation in your head to help push your fears away.

Don’t Be Scared of the Dentist: Services in Parma Heights, Ohio

Dr. Wolnik wants you to be as comfortable as possible in his office. If you have any concerns or questions about your fear of dentists, give us a call and we can help to relieve your anxieties. Contact us at (440) 888-5055,, or visit our website.

About Kenneth J. Wolnik, DDS

After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in 2002, Dr. Wolnik began his practice with a very specific goal in mind-to provide exceptional oral health care to every patient he sees. For over ten years, Dr. Wolnik has provided cleanings, fillings, accident reconstructions, and complex esthetic rehabilitations with great respect and care.

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What are some ways that you overcome your fear of the dentist? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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